The Wellness Circle - Your Community's Alternative Health and Wellness Team
Every practitioner at The Wellness Circle is focused on providing high-quality health services and patient/client satisfaction - we hope to exceed your expectations and help you live the best life you can!

We offer:
Reflexology                                                                                  Life coaching
Herbal consults                                                         TuiNa 
Muscle testing                                                           Thai Massage
Pilates                                                                          Energy work
Brain Gym                                                                  Reiki
Hypnosis                                                                    BEMER vascular therapy
Intuitive readings                                                     Dance/mvmt therapy
Counseling.                                                                Skin Therapy, Facials, Waxing
Aromatherapy, oils.                                                 Pre-Natal Massage
Meditation.                                                                Spa Services
Nutritional Kinesiology & Nutrition.                   Shiatsu
Biofeedback Photography.                                     Injury rehab massage
Light Therapy.                                                          Sports Massage
Orthobionomy.                                                         Foot Solutions
Health/Conscious Aging Coaching

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